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Healthy Funnel Podcast

Feb 11, 2019

In this amazing episode, we sat down with Fortune 10 Company Consultant and Entrepreneur, James Smiley.

We dive into a lot of goodies in this one. James shares his story of getting into business and lessons learned along with tactical advice for small business owners on how they should be using social media to grow their businesses.

From his website,, "James has been recognized as one of the most innovative and in-demand entrepreneurs under 40. He has led $0 to $20M growth for two different companies, been a part of a Silicon Valley SaaS IPO, and consulted for 3 of the Fortune 10.

James has been the behind-the-scenes advisor to over 550 executives & entrepreneurs. His primary specialty is helping entrepreneurs with rapid revenue acceleration by leveraging online automations and his proprietary digital marketing systems."